It all started with an eight year old boy seated in front of a computer, drawing a fictional character pixel by pixel based in a 16 color palette. He had just created this drawing tool with QBASIC; may be he could use it to improve his very own fighting game since the first version he made was limited to squared ASCII-code drawn characters. This didn't matter at all because it always would be fun for Juan as long as he's given the chance to create, to bring a never told story to life or looking how the computer reacts to the code he commands on.

That's how I grew up and I'm still creating. I kept coding with whatever tool I had in my hands: even if there wasn't any native compiler available I could make an adventure of customizing the Office's Clipper behavior through VBA functions on Microsoft Word. Beyond the code I also have also developed interests in music and arts, and found an interesting point of convergence between these two universes called multimedia: interactive Flash animations with ActionScript and learning later audio workstations and music production by myself.

Since 2002 I formally started to work as a programmer on software development companies, government and university, also working on some freelance projects.


Mainly focused on web development with Java and Drupal, feeling comfortable with the LAMP Stack. Also worked with multimedia software and Digital Audio Workstations.


I got a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. I'm a Oracle Certified Java Programmer and still reviewing courses all the time. Spring Framework, Scrum and more.


Out of the office I keep training my chess skills and looking for competitions. I also enjoy music production and playing some tunes on the piano in my spare time.

Coding life stories

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Frog working with a wrench

Some days ago I was in a chattering with some fellow developer friends and that famous question arose once again: Which one is the best programming language and the best framework? Should I be heading my career towards certain technologies? Should I study X or Y? And what if I just throw it all through the window and change my profession? Ok, maybe it's too exaggerated.

Bug & VS Code

When I work on web development I rather prefer to use a VirtualBox machine running on a Linux environment than installing everything on my computer. I do it because of the following reasons:

Alondra de la parra. Photo by Deutsche Welle.

I'm not intended to push until I get that new Composerizing verb to be into the dictionary, but I wan't to leave track of my experience about how to implement Composer on our old Drupal projects where it wasn't used before, and why move to this new work schema so maybe some developers who were habituated to work with older versions of Drupal, and I'm talking about Drupal 7 and early versions of 8, can find here a useful reference to guide them through their way to truth and happiness. (!)