Some days ago I was in a chattering with some fellow developer friends and that famous question arose once again: Which one is the best programming language and the best framework? Should I be heading my career towards certain technologies? Should I study X or Y? And what if I just throw it all through the window and change my profession? Ok, maybe it's too exaggerated.

When I work on web development I rather prefer to use a VirtualBox machine running on a Linux environment than installing everything on my computer. I do it because of the following reasons:

I'm not intended to push until I get that new Composerizing verb to be into the dictionary, but I wan't to leave track of my experience about how to implement Composer on our old Drupal projects where it wasn't used before, and why move to this new work schema so maybe some developers who were habituated to work with older versions of Drupal, and I'm talking about Drupal 7 and early versions of 8, can find here a useful reference to guide them through their way to truth and happiness. (!)

When I read that line in a blog announcing the return of King Crimson four years ago, I didn't even imagine the possibility of watch them performing on stage. King Crimson is a project that I love, and somehow it has become part of my musical influences even when its broadness makes me fan of certain era; my favourite albums are these published by the decades of 1960 and 1970, and after that the project restructured itself so much and my interest on their work almost vanishes there.

This week we broke our routines and we attended the Campus Party Mexico 2017 event: thousands of people sharing their knowledge and experiences in the same place where inspiration is contagious in huge amounts, no matter your gender, age or profession.

Every Drupal 7 developer in ways of expanding its knowledge to work now with Drupal 8 will find out a not so pleasing surprise when working with the Devel module, this essential and powerful tool that simplifies a lot the debugging work of custom modules and themes. That's because in Drupal 7 we got the almighty dsm and dpm functions to query the values on variables, arrays and objects in a single line of code.

Last week I had the opportunity to make a break on my daily activities to attend the Mexico's 63rd Chess Open Championship in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. This event officially sets my return to chess competition after many years of absence, since I retired for a long time to focus on other activities.

Even when it's well known nowadays the power of chess engines has left behind the human playing abilities by far, recently it appeared on the web a chess diagram that gets the attention from we all curious and chess players. The diagram is a puzzle proposed by the Penrose Institute and it's a clever way to prove how big is still the gap between computers (even despite of its greatest capacity to calculate variations) and human mind.