#CPMX8 Week

Submitted by Juan on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 17:14
Campus Party 2017

This week we broke our routines and we attended the Campus Party Mexico 2017 event: thousands of people sharing their knowledge and experiences in the same place where inspiration is contagious in huge amounts, no matter your gender, age or profession.

We finished this week very tired after four straight days arriving early and leaving late but it was absolutely worth it. We were on the mindset of taking advantage of all the workshops and conferences as much as possible and there I had my first contact with technologies such as React and Jenkins, getting also valuable information about web design and digital marketing. As part of the Government of Jalisco we also promoted the Retos Jalisco project and invited people to join and take part.

Of course I was also not leaving #CPMX8 without playing some friendly chess games before.