Think about the possibilities of making a song you never heard before

My love is shared with music. Everybody's life should have a soundtrack and I find fascinating the possibility of creating a song you never heard before.

Here is my attempt to creating that soundtrack, a list of the music projects I have worked on before.

Portada del álbum Alba


Pop rock band music production

Alba is the second studio album by Maddevi, the band I formed with my friends in Guadalajara. It was released in 2016.

I worked as producer and was responsible for the recording, mixing and making arrengements of eight of the nine tracks included in the album.

It was a very satisfactory experience. You can listen Alba on the most popular streaming platforms and digital music stores.

Sound-propelled Lego cart

Sound-propelled Turbo Motion

Music featured by DIY synthesizers with littleBits

This project was originally created for a littleBits contest.

The challenge was to create a whole song with pure littleBits' Synth Kit sounds. Please don't forget to fasten your belt before listening this high-speed track.

Yo, vistiendo un Virtual Boy y una playera de Megaman

Sat8-bit Mind

Metric goes chiptune

Why not mix the fun of 8 bit games with one of your favourite tracks?

Indaba Music presented an opportunity to rework the songs of the Metric's album Fantasies on 2010. This is the way I reimagined one of my top tracks of this canadian band that I love.

The HATR Project "Dreaming About Fairies And Demons" album cover image

HATR Project

Neo-classical and post-rock music.

HATR Project is a post-rock/neoclassical music project I created in 2006. There have been released five recordings since then and it has been widely accepted around the world, also being used multiple times as a soundtrack in cinema.